My Vision for Crystal

Crystal is a great community. I will work to protect our property values, maintain our neighborhoods, encourage and expand home owner occupancy, maintain our parks and public spaces and attract and retain strong local business. These are the things that make Crystal a wonderful place to live and will attract new residents

Crystal’s Vision and Strategic Plan

Crystal is sorely lacking a Strategic Plan to best manage future growth and planning. I will work to establish a strategic plan to guide Crystal’s future and maintain our wonderful community.  

Bottineau Line – Blue Line Extension

The Blue Line Extension (Bottineau LRT) project is a 13-mile expansion of the existing Metro Blue Line that will extend from downtown Minneapolis through

 Minneapolis, Golden Valley, Robbinsdale, Crystal, and Brooklyn Park, serving the northwest Twin Cities metro. The LRT will link to local bus routes and will connect to the regional transit system at Target Field Station in downtown Minneapolis, the Mall of America and the Minneapolis International airport. I support the Bottineau Line and the extension of the Blue Line. It makes a great deal of sense to expand our infrastructure to include more transit options allowing Crystal residents to reach employment and entertainment options in Minneapolis and other parts of the metro and is more sustainable for the long-term. 

Property Values

Property values are protected when our city’s homes are filled and houses are maintained. Foreclosures have hit Crystal hard. As I make my way around Crystal, I continue to encounter empty houses. Home values are maintained when we invest in our community as well.  


It is also important to maintain our city’s infrastructure that makes Crystal an attractive place to live and do business. I support the housing redevelopment initiatives to build new homes in Crystal

Business Climate

 Crystal needs a sustainable business community. Valuable services are provided to Crystal residents through the businesses that operate here. These businesses provide jobs, create a strong local economy, and expand our tax base. We need to expand efforts to bring more business to Crystal and to attract and retain jobs. Easy ideas include a Crystal farmers’ market, to attract shoppers from Robbinsdale, Golden Valley, and Minneapolis.  

Crystal does not exist in a vacuum. We need to work with our neighbors in Robbinsdale, New Hope, Golden Valley and Brooklyn Park to combine services where practical to serve us all efficiently and cost effectively. We also need to partner at the county and state levels to avoid duplication of services and keep costs down by using resources efficiently.